About Us

LYNX TEXTILE, one of Turkey's leading manufacturers of fan products, started its operations in Istanbul in 2016 with its four units including a jacquard weaving workshop / knitwear knitting workshop, digital printing workshop and apparel workshop.

LYNX TEXTILE provides quality products, friendly staff, high service standards, affordable prices, to meet the needs of sports clubs, supporter groups, political parties, corporate companies and promotion companies in all textile fields such as woven scarves, knitwear scarves, shawls, jerseys, t-shirts, fleece. is a textile company that responds with expert knowledge and after-sales support.

LYNX TEXTILE, which increases its potential day by day with the principle of unconditional customer satisfaction without sacrificing product quality, closely follows technological developments; With the aim of maximum efficiency, it continuously improves its machine park, production area, product range and annual production capacity, thus providing the most accurate, highest quality and fastest service to its customers.

LYNX TEXTILE develops itself day by day with its strong capital structure, advanced technology, unique product variety, reasonable price offers, continuous search for innovation and reliable image.

LYNX TEXTILE provides full control in the entire production process. Like this; offers extremely high quality and reliable products that are useful, stylish, comfortable and worth the money you pay. Behind this guarantee is the LYNX TEXTILE team, which works for quality materials, advanced technology, meticulous workmanship and perfect design.

LYNX TEXTILE knows that; Success is not in the number of works done, but in customer satisfaction as a result of the work done right and our customers recommend us. For this reason, the number of our customers who found us on recommendation is our greatest source of pride.

LYNX TEXTILE products; From production to the consumer, LYNX TEXTILE is under the quality and assurance.


  • Woven Scarf
  • Knit Scarf
  • Shawl Scarf
  • Small Scarf Attached
  • Fan Hat
  • Sports Socks
  • Sports Jersey
  • Fleece
  • Promotional Scarf
  • Shorts
  • Single Layer Knit Scarf
  • T-Shirt
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